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Documentary Photography Workshop : "The Freedom of Stories"

A few years ago I took a Social Enterprise Certificate course in Berlin. It was for mobilising youth, by UNOY (United Network of Young Peace Builders). There I met Najat el Hani, a good hearted entrepreneur. During the brainstorm sessions I saw her thinking, dreaming and a few years later the organisation Kasbah Neuf is a reality, she facilitates cultural exchange in diverse projects (Website Also, thanks to her my dream came true: supporting social enterprises through images.

Najat invited me over to give a workshop in documentary photography and today I got to meet 6 fantastic women. They take beautiful pictures and we exchange knowledge and experiences. I got a lot of energy from their good and ambitious hearts to create not only beautiful, but meaningful images.

I think it is very important to work with people that have similar values.

Thanks you for reading!

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