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I strongly believe that photography is a powerful tool for human connection. I also believe that the whole world is a museum with art and beauty everywhere and my mission in life is to add little frames to it. My personal work has been exhibited at Museum Maritime de Barcelona, Bergse Bossen Hotel and Carrusel du Louvre among others.

As for documentaries, I have been at the Tibetan plateau for about a month, documenting Tibetan Buddhist working at a yak wool atelier and how they stopped being nomads to get new skills and keep their traditions.

Also documented for Google Arts & Culture, culinary heritage by women in Oaxaca. I will be soon working with Seculta and the Oaxacan government for a specific area in the state which is yet quiet unknown but has natural and traditional wealth.


Client list

Bernard Leer Fondsen

Google Arts & Culture

Head & Shoulders

Seculta Oaxaca

Government of Oaxaca

Norlha Textiles

Caravannen | Glamping world

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