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Artist's statement


It is my job to put little frames to it

The idea that art is everywhere is my motor. I see the world as The Great Museum, one that never ends because it always changes, whenever you go back to a spot you previously visited, either the spot changed or you changed. Everywhere you walk there is art, it can be in the way a person walks, or an old wall that looks like an abstract painting, it can be the rhythm in the lines that compose a building or the wrinkles someone gets when being surprised. 

At the end it doesn't matter where you go or what you see but if you take the time to notice it, art will appear right in front of your eyes, even if you are staring at the ceiling. I also believe that photography (and any form of art) is a mirror of ourselves and by starting at an artwork we can discover something about ourselves. What you think of what you see says a lot about you and therefore that abstract pieces are so interesting, opening secret doors! 

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