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Welcoming the Lama

This was the last picture I took before someone pulled me back drastically not to be smashed by the horse coming on the left. That day, the horses were there to receive the Lama coming into town (even though he had given specific orders that he didn't need any special welcoming and NO HORSES). He was about to give his speech, which I later heard it was all about compassion. That it doesn't matter what you do if you don't have compassion for others. These horse riders were screaming loud some "Aaaaayayayayay" (which I was surprised about, I thought this only happened in México. There was no "arriba" in it though). The speed the horses were going, the man jumping so high from time to time it looked like they were coming out of the horse, their black straight perfect hair and their excited facial expressions to meet their spiritual guide. A unique experience. After the horses passed by, everybody bent down to welcome the Lama arriving soon. But that's another picture.



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