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Mornings at Norlha

Norlha means the wealth of the Gods and it is a sustaintable, high end textile social enterprise located at the Tibetan Plateau. Geshen and her mother founded the company about 13 years ago and employed decens of Tibetans to produce fair clothing. Norlha has been awarded multiple times, included by the United Nations, for their sustaintable luxury and I am happy to contribute.

This is my way to work every morning.

Deshen, the founder looking for the clothing for the next shoot about "the dreamer" collection.

Norlha's team at work.

Artisan running to the workshop.

During the break, basketball is a preferred activity.

Artisans in Norlah. After lunch, they often gather in this bench and talk to eachother.

Bright blue flowers everywhere.

And there have been some creative processes going on, which I will soon share.

Have a good day!

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