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Photography and video for Zwart Hout

Have you yet seen those amazing houses with black wooden interiors? Or fully covered in dark wood outside? Personally I find such houses very elegant and tough at the same time. In the past year I have been collaborating with Zwart Hout. I first came along for a reportage for the magazine Kavel & Huis (in which we got the cover of that edition by the way) and I was already fascinated by the location and the people working there, a small, friendly and tough working team.

Afterwards they reached out to make images for the product booklet, website and social media.

I absolutely loved walking around documenting production, taking close ups of the fire and people at work for this recently shot video for them. I love their product, made of bamboo!

And their beautiful website!

I have love working with this company!

Thank you for reading <3




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