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Amsterdam Photolocation

A beautiful industrial warehouse is available for us to create together! Not only in the studio but the surroundings outside the warehouse are very interesting! From a harbor 3 minute walk to a skyline with water, industrial walls and other spaces that can be turned into anything. During summer I shot campaigns at this location for electric bikes, razorblades, portraits for female cancer research, portraits of entrepreneurs, musical group, etc. Some examples:

Campagne voor Bevolkingsonderzoek door professionele fotograaf Anahi Clemens. Professionele fotograaf in Amsterdam.
Campagne Bevolkingsonderzoek

Campagne fotografie, sfeer fotografie door professionele fotograaf Anahi Clememns
Campagne bevolkingsonderzoek

Portrait of singer songwriter Charlotte Haesen. Photo taken by professional photographer in Amsterdam Noord Anahi Clemens. Book a photoshoot.
Singer Charlotte Haesen
Commercial lifestyle photography by Anahi Clemens, professional photographer in Amsterdam. Sfeerfotograaf, sfeerfotografie. Vrouw aan't scheren.
Campaign for Greenblade

Musical group cafe des chansons, fotografie bij Anahi Clemens, professionele fotograaf in Amsterdam.
Photo of Cafe des Chansons
Commerciele sfeerfotografie door professionele fotograaf Anahi Clemens in Amsterdam
Campaign for Van Dijck E-bikes.

Commerciele fotografie sfeerfotografie campagne voor Greenblade door fotografe Anahi Clemens, professionele fotograaf in Amsterdam.
Campaign for Greenblade

Campagne en website fotografie voor Van Dijck door professionele fotografe in Amsterdam Anahi Clemens. Professionele fotograaf gezocht in Amsterdam.
Van Dijck E-bikes
Portret voor campagne door professionele fotograaf in Amsterdam Anahi Clemens.
Campagne Bevolkingsonderzoek Nederland

Campagne, commerciële fotografie door professionele fotograaf in Amsterdam Anahi Clemens
Campagne voor Greenblade

The space is full of possibilities, it isn't only me at the location but there are DJ's, cinematographers, painters, video producers, ceramic creations and fashion designers around! If you'd like to visit the space or get a video of it send me an e-mail to info@anahiclemens, net ; also to book your next shoot :)



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