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Making the B12 Commercials

Last week I worked as Creative Director with ProNova, a medical devices company located nearby Amsterdam. We gathered an amazing team to create 4 videos to create awareness about the benefits of the B12 Spray. We all know that B12 is a very important one for our diets and the lack of it can cause depression, lack of focus, lack of energy. The product is a nose spray so it gets absorbed faster and it can enhance your physical or mental performance without it taking a long time.

It is a lot of fun to produce commercials but sometimes you gotta go through cold, rain and waking up at 3:45 to catch the most interesting light before the sunrise.

On the next picture you see the Award Winning cinematographer Luis Enrique Carrion and his AC, Sybren.

And Erik, light master.

Kasper, the sound guy.

Results to come soon!

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