About Anahí Clemens

Anahí looks at the world with open sight. She says "I have always been curious about the person and I try not to judge anything or anybody but to understand their perspective. I see the whole world as a museum and I enjoy from the small things as a kid would do and record this with the camera. Infinity curiosity is my moto".

The fact that she goes through the photographing process successfully has brought her images to locations such as Carrousel du Louvre, Museo Maritimo de Barcelona. She isn't unknown in New York either where her images are also presented in diverse fairs and galleries.

Anahí wors often for social enterprises all over the world and her work has been published in magazines such as Zoom, Kavel & Huis and featured in online platforms such as Vogue Italy.

During her many trips in Europe, Asia and Mid-America she took pictures that will be part of the book to be released in Spring 2020 "What I didn't dream".