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500 year old Organ

Commissioned by van Vulpen Orgels, I took some pictures during the restoration of this amazing instrument in a church in Wijk van Duurstede in The Netherlands. I must say van Vulpen is one of my favourite clients because of the treasures I get to see and experience from close. When have you looked at an organ this close? How often do you hear the tuning of it? Have you ever seen an organ from the backside? Have you been inside one while it plays? I loved working this fall with van Vulpen.

This are the images from the last session.

Impressive instrument.

Magnificent hands working on the pipes.

It may sound easy but you need a lot of understanding about music, metallurgy and many other disciplines to be able to maintain an organ. They build up their relic status since they start existing.

Interesting handmade paintings from about 5 centuries ago decorate the organ.

The backside.

The frontside.

The location.

Go to a concert soon! The sounds of organs bounce from the pipes to the walls to your body and you will feel the thrill of this mechanical relics.

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