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My hoop instructor at Watjadel

Pauline gives shows at festivals, parties and instructs other people as well to get new skills and exercise while dancing! I always loved it and it seems like the hoop has a life of its own but finally next year I decided to join one of Pauline's classes and meet other fun girls. I have been getting more and more tricks slowly but I ain't quite there yet. Hooping is something that requires daily practice and tuning with your own feeling, skills and the beat. Also, it depends of the sort of hoop you have, the tricks you can do, there are many sizes and even with LED lights! It is very addictive to learn to use them all I must say. During the first lessons I got some bruises from practicing but your body gets quickly used to it and now I can go on for a while without hurting myself as much. During summer 2019 I assisted Watjadel and took a few pictures of Pauline from

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