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Norden Camp

The mountains one gets to see on the way to Norden Camp are amazing.

You see the families working on their pastures, also the yaks, the sheeps and the pigs on the road.

The guide was singing Buddhist chanters while looking at the mountains too, with hand signs he indicated they were sacred. He stopped at some point and made me drink water of a river coming down from those mountains and he put some of this water on his head and so did I.

At Norden Camp was welcomed with a Tibetan white lace around my neck and orange tea. Luisa, a wonderful hostess showed me around afterwards, the cabins and tents where we would shoot the Norlha's interior collection such as bed covers and pillows.

Norden Camp is located in the Tibetan Plateau and it is a place to enjoy nature and relax. At the restaurant they offer self made yak products such as cheese, milk and yoghurt.

After dinner, it started getting dark quiet fast. Actually, right in front of my eyes I saw the edges of the mountains getting darker and sharper and I saw the light disappear and be traded by a black canvas where stars would pop up one by one, bright as I had never seen before. It can get quite cold over there but it wasn't that night. I got lost on the way to my cabin, but that spectacle on the sky made of it the best experience. I went a few times around and I took the following picture as some sort of guide to know where I had already walked through.

Once I found it, the fireplace was on, it smelled like wood in there and it felt amazing. I took my tripod and tried to figure out the settings to be able to take a shot of those stars and there is where I took my first astro shot.


There were this bags with warm water in the bed, they kept it warm. In the morning, a beautiful Tibetan entered the room to put more wood on fire and I slept like a baby.

It is a recommended location for clamping and relaxation. They have all sizes of cabins and you only need to bring your boots and some warm clothing, or get some 100% yak wool at, a company that supports Tibetan artisans while producing the best quality of warm clothing.

This were my best friends at the Tibetan Plateau.

Waking up at Norden Travel.

Thank you for reading!


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