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The Amsterdam Art Center

I had to pinch myself when entering this place, it is my sort of paradise. Hundreds of paintings ready to decorate someone's home or office through

Fantastic meeting rooms and simply every corner said Yes. This rooms are rented for many sorts of (corporate) events.

I was there for a seminar by Peter Maasdam, art-preneur and founder of, the Amsterdam Art Center and a fabulous painter himself.

The thing is, Peter is such a great speaker and I forgot to take a picture of him for being into his words. He even won a 1st place in London at the speakers Academy!

Before getting to the Amsterdam Art Center, I saw this machine making a new road ready, which I saw as metaphor when I left that evening. A new road getting laid down right in front of my eyes. I will be meeting Peter again at the end of November for a certificate in Master Art-Preneur Programme and personal coaching.

Thank you for reading, I hope the Amsterdam Art Center and Peter Maasdam inspire you as they inspire me.

Anahí Clemens

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