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Silence and emptiness are treasures. This winter I got to experience Utah in the surroundings of Salt Lake City. The first noticeable thing was the sort of snow, it almost felt fake, dry powder. It was more like sand from a desert or a beach, depending on the temperature and area.

At first, silence and emptiness might seem like there is something lacking but in fact there is so much to see and experience but you just gotta look better than in a busy city where everything screams at you to be seen. It is a different mindset to be in the middle of a white desert with crooked bushes. Time seems like...just more of it. There aren't a million obvious things to experience so there isn't a hurry for it either. In every square meter you can notice little paradises.

The shadows are blue.

Some birds took the colour of shadows.

Some humans long for the freedom of the birds.

To eventually appreciate the warmth of home.

At night, it was possible to touch the stars with the cornea.



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