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The travels of a photographer

I remember when in 2017 I got my first international booking and I was just so happy about it. It was like a door had just opened because right after that I got two more and in 2018 I visited 12 different countries and many different cities per country. In 2019 I didn't count them anymore. I spent months away from home but I enjoyed the adventure a lot and eventually

got happy to get back to my own pillow and friends.

Some of the trips were to document the lifestyle of a region and support social enterprises in the area, like project at the Tibetan Plateau. Other times I travelled sponsored by a magazine to get lost in a city and discover an side of a touristic city. Other trips were for Fashion photography events with professional models and great photographers. Some others were at campings and glampings with a writer.

I learnt to live with only one backpack that fits as hand luggage in any airline. Half of it gets filled with gear and the rest are clothes that I can use in all sorts of environments and that allow me to move easy and shoes where I can walk and stand for long periods of time. This little skill of packing has taught me to prioritise and it is surprising how little you actually need to survive. I have also learnt to purchase smarter products, such as socks that can be warm but don't occupy much space or clothes of a fabric that doesn't make me sweat as much.

My new concept of holiday is staying at home, sleeping in my own pillow, doing local projects and recharging batteries. This doesn't mean I don't enjoy traveling! I am just recharging for the next year where I already have 6 international bookings in different countries. On my book releasing in Spring 2020 "What I didn't dream" I mention the most important lessons I've got from traveling and photography.

Thank you for reading! I enjoy sharing.




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