The day of the dead

On the 31st of October at noon the ones that died being kids come over to this world, says the tradition in Mexico. They leave on the 1st of November at noon and then the adult ones arrive so a different kind of drinks and food are added to the ofrenda such as beer and smoke if they did consume that when alive, or their favourite foods and candy without missing their pictures. Ofrenda is the offering table that families place in their homes, decorated with cempasuchil (Tagetes erecta), an orange flower with a particular smell.

Pan the muerto is bread produced only around that time of the year and it has the colourful decoration on top and extra sugar. It is the idea that the food added to the ofrenda should not be eaten afterwards. Apparently, the dead ones come and taste the food through smell and take the smell away.

Usually, there are parties at cemeteries and people dance and sing in honour of the dead and with the dead. During the pandemic of this 2020 everything stayed home and many cemeteries were not open and there was even police outside. But the dead ones can go anywhere the party is and this time it was at home. They weren't at risk while traveling anyway.

I spotted a lovely heart in one of the candles. A love message from el más alla (the afterlife).

Thank you for reading!

Have a lovely day.

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