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Salty sun: Sal, Cabo Verde.

Located 500 km from Senegal, Ihla do Sal is one of the islands that conform Capo Verde. The slogan of the country is "No stress". The main language is Portuguese. Sal is the driest of the islands all and I had the chance to explore it, since I got stuck in it because the transport among islands isn't very easy to arrange last minute. It was all a big surprise. Sal has volcanic parts, a desert with mirages, dunes, salt mines, friendly people, beautiful language, great beaches, some friendly ones and some with sharks, which actually seem to be very friendly too, according to the locals that kind of shark does not bite. On the other hand, some parts of the beach have lots of sea urchins, stingy creatures.


This was a quick passing through the favela between Palmeira and Espargos.

A favela, just like you have possibly heard from in Brazil, is an urban area of low resources. The houses are built of aluminium plates and other recycled materials. I think the dust gave a nice layer to the shot too. 


The salt mine used to be important in Sal. Now there is too much competition from other African countries. There is an area here where people are allowed to swim and experience the low effort needed to float due to the high density of salt. It is still a mystery to me why some areas were pink, I am guessing it is the mix of iron with the salt but if you do know please tell me. On the right you see an actual river of salt. Below, the areas where salt gets extracted from.


Sal is quite arid so it isn't easy for plants to grow. Surrounded by salt water, fishing is one of the main activities, relevant to feed families and tourists. As a vegetarian, I still got sad but I understand the fishing need over there better than I do in Europe. 


Since fishing is one of the main activities, boat building and repair is very important too. Often there were men sanding or building boats or simply abandoned boats.

Buracona, volcanic area.

The stones at the bottom of this burnt out land looked so smooth and round!

I enjoyed this view so much, imagining how once everything here was liquid fire. Now the dark tones contrast beautifully with the green tone of the water, which I swear, that's the real colour!

And this blue eye made of sunshine's tears.


Right after arrival I ended walking towards the "wrong" direction and thanks to that found some great dunes and a lonely beach, where I found all sorts of interesting objects.

I am not sure whether they were brought by the ocean or dropped off by the locals. Tyres seem to be a handy tool though! They are used as fences, for home building, as fitness training tools, for beach games and as kid toys.

And yeah, some trash on the lonely beaches, again not sure whether the ocean brought it or not but downtown was surprisingly clean. And the forever ongoing mystery of every single country: the stray shoe.


It was unexpected, all the physical activity around the isle! From jogging on the far away roads, yoga on the beach, kitesurfing, surfing and fitness.

Mind picture: One of the best moments was a batucada on the street, drums playing, people following and dancing around and suddenly they all started running and I didn't know why, they seemed happy so I ran too and there were some cars that people were euphoric to see. I asked someone who those people were and the man said it was some guys that just got released from prison and this musical event was their welcome back home from their friends and family. 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! <3 And I do recommend Ihla do Sal.

Next post will be about a lot of art found around the isle.




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Anahí Clemens
Anahí Clemens
Mar 20, 2019


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