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My first analogue roll, results and challenges.

Friends have gifted me analogue cameras from grandparents, an exciting challenge! Luckily I came across a wizard of analogue photography who gave me a roll to test and we can check which cameras are still working, an exciting process!

To be honest, I f*cked up the first roll. It came out blank. I am now sharing my first roll with images in it :)

Later on, the wizard of analogue photography let me take a shot at Waking Life festival in Portugal and since I already knew how to ruin a roll, this time I took a bit more time to check the settings and frame and this came out.

Later on, I took a walk in Amsterdam to practice with another camera. Again, being much more thoughtful about the settings than with the first roll, it was exciting doing the math while still taking some riks to get soulful shots instead of clear ones. I was remembering the numbers I would usually put on my Fuji and considering the new buttons on this camera such as focus distance.

I started with some stills through windows.

and later on went more daring by shooting moving subjects, such as this wonderful couple exploring Amsterdam, I followed them for a full street enjoying their curiosity.

and this woman in an antique shop looking for treasures

Surprise surprise, when revealing the first roll it was black and white! I thought it would be colour! So, another thing to consider in analogue. It was fun to be surprised though, I am not used to that since I usually know what I am getting with the digital one (even without reviewing it, you know the RAW image will have colour that you could eventually turn to monochrome).

This bench was the most colourful one ever and so was the t-shirt of the man passing by. I still like the composition.

Also, I decided not to edit or crop this roll after scanning.

These mysterious metallic compositions on the ground made me curious.

Am I still on Earth?

Am I?


Under construction, we bloom.

Close up to a graffiti artwork.

Plants bokehing street art

Cultures and the fireman.

Research by observation.


And later got two shots in a colour roll!

Location: Hanneke's boom.

The wizard of analogue photography did a funny thing reversing the roll and I tried my first analogue double exposure!

There are still more cameras to discover!

This is such an exciting and refreshing journey of research for a medium that has been daily in my life for the past 10 years but this time with a different process.

Thank you for reading and sharing this journey with me!

Special thanks to Jarryd for facilitating this research.




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