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Encinitas beach, California

Encinitas beach seems to have a good reputation among the locals for practicing surf and for walks. The wild cliffs with unsharp stones and yellow clay create a peaceful landscape. I was happy to have my expectation fulfilled of seeing a lot of vans and campers by the beach and see the surfers coming out and running to the beach, even though it was winter.

Fine to hold

And them sustaining the cliffs

and other treasures within

mysterious rock-tattoos of the winter sun

stones and plants all together creating the landscape

Peaceful poetry

and stones in a stone

Wild cliffs to massage the senses while walking next to them

Very tall agave plants in winter bloom are to be experienced in a yellow explosion.

And what about this prize? "World best trash can". It has been there for a while!

The diversity of succulents in the area is great! I had never seen these dark ones.

And it was mentioned in a board that San Diego has also great diversity of birds! Got this little hummingbird in action by the bugambilia.

Recommendation for a little break: Californian vegan burrito and and IPA.

Sand, rust, wood, all beautiful experiences.

Funky the way roots hang in there.

Layers, layers, layers.

The age of a tree can be seen in the rings.

It looks like a meteorite fell in a city right here.

Amazing surreal landscapes appear when looking closer!

Soon I will be publishing more discoveries and tips for the San Diego area.

Thank you for reading!




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