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El Salvador: No expectations (Part 1)

El Salvador was never in my list to visit, mostly because of the image the news had created in my mind. I knew nothing about this country! I was positively surprised by nature at Mizata beach and some of the variations in food from Mexico. In Mexico there is a tortilla which is thin and in El Salvador the tortilla has the thickness of a pita.

I had to cross from one side of the river to the other and I enjoyed the adventure. The depth of the river would vary a lot! The water seemed fresh, there were little fishes in it and small crabs with beautiful shells.

I saw cooperation in the families and many generations together interacting to make sure there is food at home. This is known from Latin-American families and although in the big cities it might be different, the family bond is obvious in Mizata.

It was like the whole Mizata beach would be a whole different place every morning. It looked different depending on what the sea had done the night before and of course the time of the day. The photograph up here was taken during sunrise and the other one during sunset.

This tree felt like it knew something I don't and it felt like it was smiling every time.

The dark-sanded beach was full of treasures.

And the diversity in birds was huge!

Surfers seem to like the area.

It was marked as "Only for experts" because those waves looked wild indeed.

Fruits and plants and things I had never seen before.

And people living by the beach.

And some visitors from different countries came to enjoy the beach too.

The weather was fantastic, not too hot but warm and sunny.

Thank you for reading and part two to come!




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