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A drag's transformation process in pictures

Voor Vogue Academie in Amsterdam

Model: Curvalicious Diamond

Styling and concept: Janouk van de Ven

Photographer: Anahí Clemens

Voor Vogue Academie in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Noord, 2024

Long nails in Winter city

Door to backstage, door to freedom of expression.

The many layers of colour to uncover the self

In the middle of the transformation, embracing what it can be

Letting all the colours out to brighten the world that seemeded grey before

Bow down to the mirror and let Curvalicious wake up!

Face to Face-time, are you ready to show yourself to the world, singing and feeling more you than before? (spot the paparazzi).

A smoke before the show

And Curvalicious Diamond is ON!

STRIKE A POSE! Of such beautiful vulnerability, sign of strenght and braveness.

Good to have a friend nearby to help you step down the sky-scrapper shoes

and fly away from winter darkness and all the misunderstandings

The show is over for today.

Curvalicious Diamond's show is presented in Amsterdam.

Thank you for watching!

And for the collaboration to Janouk and Curvalicious Diamond.




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