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A day with XS Cinema

It might take us just a few seconds to watch a video commercial but behind it there are long work weeks of work and a long night of shooting. From discussing a concept, location, casting, gear, catering and logistics of all kinds. I got to experience a day with XS Cinema who rents equipment and outsources talent for motion photography and my favourite cinematographer was in charge of the camera that night. I got to work with Luis Enrique Carrión a couple of years ago, when I was directing a commercial in The Netherlands and I had already been a fan of his work for many years. This time I was mostly observing the process to learn more about motion photography, since he is always been a guide for me in that aspect.

Many companies worked together that night, from background-light designers (explOsure) to food & drinks catering. When we arrived, the background light setting was already prepared but there was still much to test and prepare before shooting motion. I absolutely loved the reflection effect created with water spread over the ground. If you have followed my previous work, you might know how crazy I am about reflections.

DP Luis Enrique in dialogue with one of the producers before the shoot.


The catering team setting up.

And after a few hours of tests and preparation, shooting starts.

Luis Enrique shooting some close ups.

I just loved to be there, between the shadows, blue light, silhouettes and funky machines either being camera related gear, motors or lamps like being in an underground from the future.

The director's chair

Smoke makes everything look magic.

Bright lights and snoring motors were that night's soundtrack.

There was human action too and with slow shutter speed I got this effect:

Packing is also quite a lot of work. At about 5 am the place was empty, a few hours of sleep and ready for the next gig.

Shooting took place at night to be able to use that location and the neon lights, not much sleep for anybody and still there was lots of positive and creative energy on set. Very friendly, focused, driven people. What a wonderful experience to see my favourite cinematographer at work, Luis Enrique Carrión. His reel:

Thank you for reading :)

Anahí Clemens



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