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Book review on Tulp Magazine

"As kid, photographer Anahí Clemens received a postcard from Belice sent by her father. "There are many worlds in this world" he wrote. The seed of curiosity was planted. Eventually Anahí travelled around the world for her work as photographer. Travel in the broader sense of the word. "The whole world is a museum" she says, meaning to pay attention to the beauty in the small and bizarre things around us. While working she learnt more than photographic techniques, she observed how others experienced life. The photo camera became her visa to those other worlds in this world. The book is a photographic collection as well as a collage of reflections. Travel through the eyes of Anahí and dream through places such as the Tibetan Plateau, Cuba, South Europe and Latin America. What I didn't dream - Anahí Clemens" Book review by Marije Smit for Tulp Magazine.

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