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Huts & Glamping summer

Glad that I can bring only some thin pants and a few t-shirts to my trip because I don't like to have check in luggage. My backpack is full of gear and just a little bit of personal care stuff and always a book and a notebook of course. I like to have this things with me. Gosh what I became efficient in the past years with traveling. I remember the first time I traveled alone back home I had full 25 kg suitcase + hand luggage. Now I have everything I need to survive in a 10 Kg backpack that I found at Leger des Heils for 6 euro and it has been with me for about 2 years in a row in heavy usage. It's sneakers and backpacks that I use the most.

I have had different writer colleagues in the past month and every one of them has a different style of working and dealing with work, it is always interesting to see their interviewing methods. I am very happy that I have all the freedom to discover the area myself and take details, experiences, art and atmospheric images next to the documentary ones. It feels great when the work of the writer is combined with my pictures in a beautifully printed magazine.

Last week I slept in a wine barrel house! A funny experience to wake up in such thing and immediately see the river. For many people in Europe it was a too hot week but as a Mexican I enjoyed it very much. Oh oh...gotta take another plane to Bordeaux right now!

To be continued...

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