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Sontecomapan: Wilderness Secret

Just getting to Sontecomapan is already an adventure. You can only get there by boat from Catemaco, Veracruz (Mexico). There is no internet and often no electricity either, creating an amazing experience focused on nature.

Together with my family I stayed at "Rancho Los Amigos" which I highly recommend. Meals are biologic and the ingredients grow right there, taken care of by the owners and a few interns recently graduated from soil engineering. The place also offers tours around the area where you can eventually find this view:

Pakal, one of our tour guides.

The area is rich in plants and insects.

One of my favourite persons in the world called these bellow "The Anahí leafs" because as a kid everything would have spots of paint after my creations. (To be honest, this happens till today).

Evening storms with strong lightening gave me some of the most beautiful nights of my life with pink crunching skies. In the morning, calm water and clear skies would slowly wake us up.

It was like waking up in a paradise where music was made by the insects.

Kayaking among mangroves is mystifying.

Visit it!

Thank you for reading.


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