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Exhibition at International Art Fair Barcelona

Photography not only has the power to record memories, it also connects people through those frozen moments once they are exposed. During the BIAF, it was a pleasure to listen to the comments of people trying to figure out the pictures, the places, sharing what they saw and how the person next to them saw something differently. I spoke to a few of them but also chose to let most of them simply enjoy the work.

It was interesting to see so many artists exposing while each of them had a very specific style and a topic of interest. From ISIS crimes in paintings to surreal creatures in self-made worlds, everything was present at the expo. Also in terms of nationalities of visitors and exposers the BIAF was rich.

This Frenchman is a sculptor who said that in the past, the mastery of detail was very important whereas now it is all very simplistic and that is very hard for him, with so many years of experience. He said that perfection, and thus, the maximum simplicity is very hard to achieve.

On the right you see Amy, she paints abstract works and has a band in London.

This is a smile. And Asmita.

This painting really didn't like to be hanged down.

Special thanks for my partner in crime, Kasper. And to Claudio for hosting us.

Known souls from the Social Enterprise training in Barcelona came along too! Alba y Alexandra <3

Also, I got to meet August Vilella at the expo! His work is amazing.

Although the weather was usually fantastic, a little rain was cozy to experience at that wonderful city.

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