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Japan (Part 1: Jetlag)

I never experienced such a jetlag before. My body was confused with sleep and hunger. My vision was overwhelmed with all the new things, specially the body language of Japanese people was so different than in Europe or Latin America. They seem less needy to express themselves and showed service and respect above all, at least in the public places. Due to the jetlag, my body was awake but my mind was dreaming and that is how everything seemed and felt at the moment: a blurry, funny, super weird dream.

Probably there are totally new concepts in their language but I had no idea about them, all I had were my eyes. The picture bellow describes how unclear and interesting Japanese seemed to me.

I never saw so many people in suits and so well dressed for work than over there.

There was a lot of reading in the train (starting from the back and ending up to the front.. Like if it was intentional to do every single thing opposite to how the rest of the world does it).

Many people have their mouth covered like in the picture above. I felt unsafe at first without one but there were also so many people without it that I wasn't goint to be the only one dying if there was really something going on (what a reasoning, hahaha) It looked like the image of a toxic, nearly apocalyptical future. I heard that the sicknesses that were going on a while back have stopped and it's just a few who keep the precaution.

And smartphones: sitting, walking or eating.

A lot of people would go mad about all the different tastes while I was just trying to keep it vegetarian. Everything had fish, even a sort of thea. But there is always veggie sushi and pink-beans that are found in sweet things like milkshakes and sweet bread. Beans! With sugar. In Milkshakes. They were good actually :)

At least they looked like beans. Often I had just no clue of what was what. It was fun not to know or understand absolutely nothing.

And I should be sleeping but my body got used to Tokyo time (on the last day) and now I am upside down. More soon.

Thanks for dropping by <3,


OK one more:

Yes photo! Feels like a painting doesn't it? Benefits of feeling tired getting blurry pics.

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