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Norlha Textiles

Tibetan Plateau

I stayed about a month at the Tibetan Plateau to experience and document the lifestyle of the people working for Norlha Textiles. People used to be nomads but this high-end sustainable brand offered new skills to them and the brand is now very successful. Besides documenting snapshots of their daily life and beautiful buddhist traditions, I shot some editorials for their commercial promotions in Asia and the rest of the world. 


cold. rdy collection

Mexico City

Together with a team of videographers, sport influencers, creative directors and colleague photographers we created a serie of images for the social media campaign and the promotion on diverse sport platforms. It was the release of the collection COLD. RDY. The mood of the images had to be cold because it was about preparing for winter. 

Fotos de familias - Seculta-1-16.jpg


arts & culture

Oaxaca, Mexico

Together with a team of videographers, art directors, sound and light specialists we shot 11 documentaries about traditional cooking women from Oaxaca. They have recipes that every time less people can prepare but that represent the culinary heritage of Oaxaca, Mexico and the world. CC2Mexico, Seculta and the government of Oaxaca managed this project for Google Arts and Culture.

Ceramics at Taizé


Taizé, France

I stayed at Taizé for a week, documenting the engagement between the visitors and towards Taizé. Also took atmospheric images during the ceremonies and of the process of ceramic production of the brothers, which is their main income. I also shot the cover of their CD.


NPO Radio


Utrecht - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Images for radio campaign and social media. It was about Friday night joy of the classical music concerts on the radio.


Pellikaan Timing

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Mood images for the release of the new website of the amazing brand, handmade. The images reflect the masculine and elegant personality of the brand.

Women's toilet.jpg

Alter Media

Utrecht, The Netherlands

An internal session to show the clients of Altermedia how expectations engage with their advertising.

Veronika-Stepping Forward collage-II.jpg

Stepping Forward

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Images of people who have double nationality. The organisation supports the connection between this individuals who exchange stories and get to internact in the workshops provided.

Bernard van Leer Fonds

Utrecht, The Netherlands

A day in the life of a "kraamzorgster", a concept unique in The Netherlands to take care of new born babies, the family and the household. The fonds support projects for the good quality of life and health of children.

Van Vulpen Orgels-Anahi Clemens.jpeg

Gebr. van Vulpen Orgels

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Images for magazine and press releases, as well as other online content for this company that creates musical organs from scratch as well as remaining the existing ones.


Cocoon UK

UK Company

This company stands for freelance life. We shot atmospheric images that reflect working spaces.



Muiden, The Netherlands

Images for the website of the product Licener. For this company I also directed and produced commercials for a different product.


Gemeente Amsterdam

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

How is public transport in Amsterdam for thoe with disabilities in 2049? Are there any ethical challenges? Could technology possibly help? I created a concept for Gemeente Amsterdam and the GVB of a possible scenario in 2049. 

Robomedics in an insurance company that provides high quality robotic legs that synchronise with public transport. The thing is, it won't allow you to take "bad decisions" such as crossing the street in red light. But what about when there is a kid running in front of a car to reach his balloon and you cannot save it? Can Robometics decide that that is a bad decision? Ethical dilemmas presented in a couple of pictures that were exhibited.

NS-Anahi Clemens fotograaf.jpg


The NS sponsored the wedding of this couple who went with the train to their party. For Johnny Wonders Agency.