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I have worked for diverse Speculative Design projects in The Netherlands. First at the Rijkswaterstaat for about 6 months in my internship about creative communications and later for the municipality of Amsterdam. Also, I've had a few personal projects related to the topic in cooperation with amazing make up artists and models. Currently working together with an author related to the future of data. 

Speculative design for gemeente amsterdam and gvb

Amsterdam 2049. Robomedics provides robotics legs that synchronize with public transport and stoplights for those who used to be in a wheelchair, to make everything more efficient, safe and comfortable for the patients. Robomedics though, has control over certain things to protect their patients and their robotic members. For example, a patient cannot cross the street during red light, but what happens in emergencies? In the image you see a kid trying to reach his balloon and doesn't look that there is a car coming. The robometics patient who was waiting to cross the street sees it and would have liked to try to save the kid and push him, giving his own life even but he can't. The robomedics legs protect his own life and won't allow him to cross the street if there is a red light synchronized to the leg.

Patient has got the freedom to walk and decide many things but not everything. Full project in Dutch:

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