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Blog Shot

Working as a photographer I got to see the demand of photography for blogging and social media of local and national small companies. I would like to support them but often it takes a lot of time to arrange one session and their start up budget is limited. I thought about Blog shot as solution.

I dedicate a few days a month for sessions at my studio for bloggers only. Once a month, the bloggers drop by and that same week they have beautiful images to update their websites, blogs and social media promotions. The sessions can be booked online. Usually, one commercial session could cost thousands of euros, and a small portrait session is a few hundreds. BlogShot arranges everything in such a way that the high value of the sessions can be arranged for only 50.- a month which I found out is the usual budget willing to be spent by young bloggers. Sign up now! 

The sessions take place in Utrecht at my studio.

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